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Justice is Served: Rewire vs. Justice Girl :iconsuburbanqueen95:SuburbanQueen95 16 35
Mercy vs ManniQueen 5 of 9 :icondangerguy01:Dangerguy01 49 53
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Tales of the Amazon Arrow #2 - Crimson Statue :iconamazonarrow:amazonarrow 59 33
Eternity Now
TAMRON KELLY was at a party given by a wealthy industrialist named RONIN - but she was not there for the atmosphere- instead she was on a mission to investigate the mysterious industrialist who was suspected of foul play in the disapperence of a CHINESE scientist MIAO YIN and so far not having much luck.
   She decided to powder her nose and after excusing herself she went to the powder room where two other women were already there- she recognized them as NANA KUCHOVA KGB agent and WILMA SOONG a RED CHINESE agent - their paths had crossed before. She went to the mirror to check her hair nodding at the other two but as she did she heard a hissing sound- then suddenly she felt dizzy  she realized it was a gas but before she could get out she collapsed on the floor with the others unconscious .
    A SHORT TIME LATER..." OH... WHERE..WHERE AM I?" as she struggled to consciousness as she tried to focus then her vision cleared and she saw a man standing over her . "
:iconsnople:snople 2 0
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Tales of the Amazon Arrow #1 - The Blood Rings :iconamazonarrow:amazonarrow 66 51
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Puppet Master - Chapter 5 :iconnorthernchill:NorthernChill 7 0
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Story index.... :iconnorthernchill:NorthernChill 19 6
Mercy vs ManniQueen 4 of 9 :icondangerguy01:Dangerguy01 47 69 Mannequin modeling :iconallidee:AlliDee 32 29 Season 10 Comic: Page 22 :iconrenderpretender:RenderPretender 56 132
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Season 10 Comic: Page 45 :iconrenderpretender:RenderPretender 60 108



Mature Content

Just Following Orders Chapter 3 Cover by SunstriderProduction

Just Following Orders Chapter 3

The final chapter of Just Following Orders. 

With Mabel Jordan in the mental control of Lady Gorgo, will Captain Stacey escape or with her save one of her mortal enemies.  And by trying to save her Captain Janet Stacey will learn a dark secret that will have major consequences for the Majestic Universe.

justorder 3 sample 2 by SunstriderProduction     

Mature Content

JustOrder 3 sample 1 by SunstriderProduction

On sale at my Mall of Erotica shop.


I thinking of adding a new free series that tie into my Majestic Universe just like Delays=Reformatted and The Basic of Majestic. Also it will be using to two characters that you all seen before.
Maybe either Wednesday or Thursday I will be posting chapter 2 of Delays=Reformatted and more of my Bloodstone City series. 


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Zelda was already tired of Christmas and it wasn't even December yet. Black Friday had past thankfully. However, already throughout the mall everywhere was garland, lights, and worst of all Christmas Music through the intercoms. Zelda would not say she found the whole thing sickening because it's not that she was a Grinch or anything, but it just was the exploitation of it left her tired of Christmas before December even arrives. She also understood the wheels of capitalism and all that, yet it just felt wrong how more and more stores were having employees to work on Christmas Day.
Zelda today wore a blue stripped toboggan, red sweater, and finally insulated jeans and boots to combat the cold. Although, once she got inside she took off the sweater and hung it over her shoulder revealing her pink tank top. She picked it out today in a mood that protested the season.
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He was in a new town, away from family and he didn’t have the money now to go see them. They really didn’t have the mo
ShadowhawkOne Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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MercyMc Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2017
Thank you so much !  
NarutoSakura2 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017
Will you continue to post stuff here on DA?
Yeah I will continue to post stuff from my Bloodstone City series and samples from my shop stuff.
TornadoWeirdo Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, Jesus loves you!
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